Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join Life Coach List as a Coach?
Life Coach List offers 3 plans: Seed, Sprout, and Blossom. Our Seed plan is a one-time, non-refundable $60 payment. While all of our plans provide a lifetime listing on our website, the Seed plan is meant for Life Coaches who are just getting started and need to broaden their reach with an online presence and by booking more free consultations. To learn more about pricing and to see what is and isn't included in each plan, please visit our plans page.
How do I cancel my plan?
You can cancel your plan at anytime by sending an email requesting to cancel. Canceling your plan means different things depending on the plan you're on. For Seed plans, since the cost of the plan is a one-time, non-refundable fee, canceling will simply remove your listing. There are no refunds. For Sprout and Blossom plans, canceling your plan will remove access to the Coaching/Client Apps for both you and your clients. However, unless you request otherwise in the email, your listing will stay active forever.
What can I do with the Life Coach List App?
The Life Coach List App provides you with an entire Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and back-office tool that allows Life Coaches to:
  • Set up sessions (both group and individual) as well as session pricing
  • Have paid sessions booked directly from the Life Coach List website, and receive notifications for new bookings
  • Track and enforce capacities for sessions
  • Automate weekly or monthly session payments
  • Interact with clients without the use of personal email and texting from your cell phone
  • Host content for sessions that only enrolled clients can access in their Client App
  • Record progress notes, take photos of whiteboard notes, and create and post custom activities to your clients' activity timelines, which are visible in the Client App
How much does it cost to book a coaching session?
All life coaches on this site are required to offer free consultations. The availability and duration of these consultations may vary from coach to coach. Life Coaches with a "Paid Sessions" button in their profile offer paid sessions directly through our site. Paid sessions, pricing, and terms and conditions are set by each Life Coach and not by Life Coach List.
How do I reschedule or cancel my a session?
When you schedule a free consultation, you should receive an email invite from the calendar software used by the Life Coach (typically Calendly or Acuity). Look for a reschedule or cancel link in the calendar invitation. If you didn't receive the meeting invite, please contact the coach directly via one of their social media links on their profile page.
Why can't I sign in to the Life Coach List App?
Please make sure the email you are using to sign in is the one on file with your Life Coach. You can also sign in online through your Life Coach's profile page.  Also, please be aware that the Life Coach List App is only provided to clients of select Life Coach List coaches. You'll only be able to download and sign in to the App if you booked a paid session with a Life Coach through our site.