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In my previous post, I talked about how we have a choice whether or not we want to believe our own thoughts, and that we have the power and the choice to think new thoughts if they aren’t inline with our actual beliefs. 

After recognizing our thoughts are connected to or even responsible for our beliefs, we can determine if they are limiting us, and if they are, then we create new thoughts.

We take a pause. 

We ask:

  • What is the action or inaction we have taken?
  • What is the feeling driving that action.
  • What is the thought creating that feeling
  • Is the thought something we believe?
  • Why do we or do we not believe it, and do we want to continue believing it?

We take a pause by pausing. Once we pause, we celebrate that pause. The brain likes that dopamine hit from that celebration, so then the brain decides to take a pause more often.

Pretty soon, we are pausing BEFORE speaking, eating, acting, drinking, or any other “ing.”

After pausing, we think and do in intention.

In thinking and doing in intention, we create intentional results.

It’s a foolproof formula.

The only rule that must follow is that of non-judgement, especially of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Each thought, feeling, action we currently think, feel, and carry out is human. It is part of us. It is not for judgement. It is for observation, and it is there to drive curiosity.

Without judgement, and with curiosity, then there are no negative or positive thoughts, feelings, actions, or results.

There is only intention or there is lack thereof.

We can drop the positive and negative, the good or bad.

We can be in a state of intention.

And while we get to being intentional, we can be curious, drop judgement, pause, observe, and then define and create our results with complete intention.