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Do you still believe in Unicorns?

So, you are in your twenties and believe you know the ropes for success in love and relationships right? Think again! The ignorance of youth is bliss indeed. Your twenties are supposed to be the prime of your life, the most vital, the most powerful. It’s also the time of life when you’re making your most critical decisions, and sometimes your most critical life changing mistakes.

If you’ve had any amount of complexity in your childhood, or worse, you’re sitting on a Pandora’s box of hidden family trauma that you haven’t dealt with or made sense of, the prime of life can hit back hard when it comes to dating, love, and intimate relationships, with a jab or left uppercut to the body and your heart that leaves you reeling and hanging on the ropes. 

One of the most damaging mistakes we can make is to erroneously believe we can outwit or outrun our familial background, the pool of interrelatedness in which we were unwittingly immersed for the first couple of decades of life. Choosing a partner in ignorance is a treacherous road that is begging for trouble.

Step out of the darkness of the unthought known, shake it off and take a moment to discover precious gems of insight and simple Science of Attachment, the well-documented science of human interrelatedness. Get to know yourself, identify your interpersonal strengths and winning qualities in life and love. Own it!

The older we get, the more we realize how much we do not know. Worse yet, how much we do not know about ourselves. I can provide a quick and dirty, basic understanding of Attachment Science, how it critically affects your life, and simple rules to navigate your journey in finding a suitable and companionable life partner to launch you on a trajectory of win-win life outcomes in loving well

Take time to educate yourself so that you can change lanes quickly when on a collision course of pair bonding in life and love. I can provide a comprehensive short, yet powerful, guide to correcting pervasive ignorance of the developmental extent of parental love and familial experience when it comes to adult dating. 

Don’t play a game of Russian Roulette with the most critical aspect of human interrelatedness… your life partner! Schedule a consultation with me today to start your journey of knowledge to loving well and learn to expertly navigate the killing fields of modern dating, no matter what stage of life you find yourself.