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When I first heard the term "life coach" it sounded a little obnoxious to me. Thanks, I'll figure out how to live my own life. The more I learned about life coaching the more I realized that every human could benefit from having a life coach.

A Life Coach Is Not...

So let's talk about what a life coach is not. A life coach is not someone who has it all figured out! On the contrary, I think most people who find coaching find it because they were seeking relief from some type of pain. A painful relationship (with themselves or another person), a problem with their weight, or an addiction are just a few. All of this pain comes from our thoughts.

A life coach isn't going to tell you what to do or how to do it. One of the most beautiful things about the human mind is that it is perfectly designed to solve problems. A life coach can help you look at your thoughts objectively and discover which ones are serving you and which ones are holding you back. Since you are the one living your life, your brain is the brain best equipped to solve the problem. Not your life coach's brain.

So often we aren't even aware of the thoughts we're thinking. Even more dangerously we often think the thoughts we think are just the truth. These thoughts run automatically. Usually we don't even realize that they are just optional sentences in our brain. Sentences that we've believed for so long that we don't even question their authenticity. A life coach won't tell you that you're right or wrong. A life coach won't judge you or your current thoughts. A life coach will help you sift through your current thoughts and help you become aware of how they are affecting you.

A life coach isn't going to solve all of your problems. More often than not the things we struggle with as humans are there to teach us. A life coach will help you lean into the emotions that you're feeling and help you be curious and compassionate about why you're experiencing a particular emotion. As we look compassionately at our lives we connect with a deeper part of ourselves. We learn to see ourselves with love and understanding, and as we do this we begin to understand the why of our particular situation. The awareness is the secret weapon.


Life coaching has changed my life. Many of the struggles I used to face have dissolved. I have new ones now because the human brain is a pro at creating new things to work on but the thing I love about coaching is that it helps me become the next best version of myself. I'm updating my software every week! The sky is the limit with the human brain and the awareness that you are the captain of the ship is a game changer. A life coach will help you get out of the back of the boat and into the captain's chair. Are you ready?